The Arizona Department of Transportation is working on options to ease the increased traffic that will result while working on Mariposa Port of Entry's renovations.

ADOT will spend $1.5 million on temporary changes to state Route 89 to ease congestion over the next few months.

That leads up to a project estimated to run somewhere between $50-215 million that could include a complete rebuild of the road that looks similar to a highway.

The major remodel of the states shortest highway is because of its path. The 4-mile long road runs from the Mariposa Port of Entry to Interstate 19.

The federal government recently spent $185 million to upgrade and expand Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales.

That investment is expected to lead to a major increase in commercial traffic across the border through that stop.

“It’s a 5-lane undivided highway that passes through a very developed area,” said Dustin Krugel, public information officer at ADOT. “There is some congestion, but it’s expected to get much more substantial when the (port of entry) expansion project is completed.”

Arizona isn’t alone in the effort to allow more traffic through the port. The Mexican government is also spending $20 million on Highway 15, its road leading up to the port of entry.