Over the weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that bans lead ammunition, making it the first state to establish such ban.

That new law is giving environmental groups in Arizona hope for a similar ban.

Efforts to get rid of lead ammo are meant to protect scavenging animals.

In Arizona, California and Utah, the biggest concern is the endangered California condor, since the leading cause of death in condors is lead poisoning.

Fifteen birds have died since 2000 after ingesting lead, and most wild condors have some amount of it in their system.

Environmentalists now see California as a model for other states.

“This is really important because it’s going to demonstrate to other states, particularly Arizona” said the Center for Biological Diversity’s Jeff Miller, “these kind of regulations can work.”

Arizona Game and Fish has spoken out against such bans, and instead asks hunters, in certain, areas to voluntarily use non-lead ammunition. They've also handed out free copper ammo to hunters.