Currently on display at the Maldives Pavilion of the 55th Venice Biennale -an international art exhibition- is the artwork of University of Arizona professor and artist Sama Alshaibi.

With the use of photography, multimedia, sculptures and performances, her artwork transcends boundaries and explores the aftermath of human behavior and interactions.

"The curators came together and decided to look at artists who use issues of resources, land, environment in a sociopolitical way," Alshaibi said.

One of Maldive's curators worked with Alshaibi on a project in London two years prior, leading to her consideration during the choosing process.

"She was really quite aware of my work," Alshaibi said.

Alshaibi often uses her own body in her pieces as a signifier of the cause, nation, people or issue. She first started including herself in her work as an undergrad in Chicago, when there was no other way to represent the issues she wanted to address.

"The female body in form actually is often used in many forms as the idea of the nation, the grew from there," Alshaibi said.