Raytheon Missile Systems laid off a group of salaried employees Thursday, but the Tucson-based company won't say how many, The Arizona Daily Star reported.

The company did not comment on specific reasons of layoffs. However, company spokesman, John Patterson, did say cuts were made to remain competitive in the marketplace.

"To continue meeting current and future business requirements, and to achieve the right mix of talent to remain competitive in the marketplace, Raytheon Missile Systems is reducing staffing levels," Patterson said in a statement, according to article by the Star.

In the beginning of 2013, the company, which is the largest private employer in the region, reported 10,300 full-time employees. In 2010, they laid off 225 workers because three developmental weapons programs were canceled, the Star reported.

Many major defense contractors have been cutting their staff amid Pentagon budget cuts. But defense analysts have said Raytheon is doing better than some of its peers, the Star said.