The Arizona Department of Transportation is currently debating possible routes for the proposed Interstate 11. But part of that route does not please some people in the area.

A group of residents is objecting to an option that would build a highway through Avra Valley, just west of Tucson.

The highway’s main route would connect Phoenix and Las Vegas, but plans would extend it beyond that, southward to Mexico and northward to Idaho.

ADOT has been quick to remind people that objections such as this one is the reason why they have public comment periods.

“This is all part of the public involvement process,” said Laura Douglas, news operations manager and media relations at ADOT. “...take our ideas to the public and hear what they have to say. This is exactly why we do this as part of the study.”

An online petition organizer said they prefer ADOT’s proposal to further widen I-10 and I-19.