Millions of unwanted dogs and cats are found each year in the United States, but other types of animals are also in need of homes - including the strange and exotic- such as meat eating lizards and snakes.

A group of volunteers formed the Tucson Reptile Rescue in February 2013 to try to raise awareness about these animals, and help people make better informed decisions before they acquire such pets.

Some of these animals can be cute and intriguing when small, but can turn into a overwhelming handful once they reach maturity.

"We take in unwanted, sick or injured exotic pets, so reptiles exclusively. And we rehabilitate them work really hard to find them good, caring homes that can take care of them for the rest of their lives," Charlotte Gillis said, the organization's president.

Gillis and Christopher Paulin, the group's vice president, said many pets, not just reptiles, are not the right fit for a large segment of the population.

They said problems can be prevented if people do their homework, and think about the long-term commitment and consequences before adding a new living creature to their lives.