This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week around the country.

In conjunction, AAA Arizona is releasing data on teen crashes.

Michelle Donati, public affairs supervisor at AAA Arizona, said the type of accidents teens get into in the state are beyond what people would expect.

“The (most common) type of crash would be a rear-end type crash, and that’s really no surprise,” Donati said. “It’s the most common type of crash for any other demographic as well. “When it comes to teen drivers, (they oftentimes) lack the experience to recognize potential hazards and avoid collisions”

Most common types of auto claims for Arizona teen drivers according to AAA Arizona are: 1. Rear-ended the other party 2. Insured not at fault 3. Backed up unsafely 4. Insured lost control 5. Collided with a parked vehicle 6. Failed to yield

Donati also said 47.5 percent of all car crashes caused by teens in the state do more than $3,000 worth of damage.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death in teens, and cause more deaths than homicide, suicide and drugs combined, Donati said.