The Tucson Police Department has confirmed that a report of a gunman at Santa Rita High School Thursday morning was a hoax.

A 14-year-old student is now being charged for allegedly making the call. Mario Portillo was arrested and will face misdemeanor charges.

The occurrence marked the second day in a row the police received similar reports at the school.

On Wednesday, Santa Rita was placed on lockdown after receiving a call of an alleged gunman on campus. However, while the call was not a hoax, police did not find a weapon or suspects. This incident is no longer under investigation.

In today's event, police say Portillo made the 911 call Thursday morning using another student's cell phone.

TPD Sgt. Maria Hawke said the call was quickly determined to be a hoax, and Santa Rita High was not placed on lockdown.

“We were very quickly able to identify the phone that was used to make the fake 911 call and are working on identifying which student or students were specifically involved in placing the call as well as making the false report to 911 operators.”