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CHEF GOES LOCAL: There’s a lot of buzz among foodies and chefs these days about eating local. Omar Huerta, executive chef of Wildflower New American Cuisine, says this movement is a way of celebrating the connections between food and the Southwest region. He takes inspiration from his surroundings, from what is available locally, and works it into his menu throughout the year.

GOSPEL OF GOOD COFFEE: Exo Roast Co. is creating a buzz among those who appreciate slow-brewed coffee and coffee beans that are sourced in a socially responsible way.

AWARD WINNING FILMMAKER: Lisanne Skyler's - now an associate professor at the UA's School of Theatre, Film and Television - film No Loans Today premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1995. Since then, the film was finally released digitally this past summer via the Sundance Institute Artist Services program, and is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.

WAR OF THE WORLDS: In 1938, before famous director and actor Orson Welles made any films, he produced a radio adaptation of a novel by H.G. Wells that caused nationwide panic. The radio show was done live as a Halloween special 75 years ago. Two filmmakers discuss the effects.

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