Photographer Martha Retallick has never owned a car, but that hasn't stopped her from traveling 15,000 miles through all 50 states in an environmentally friendly way.

Believe it or not, she made this accomplishment entirely on her bicycle.

"I don't think a lot of people realize how big and diverse of a country this is," Retallick said. "This place is big. And if you're going along at 10 miles an hour there are places like Texas that will take you weeks to cross."

From 1980 to 1992, she took a bike tour across the country taking photos along the way. She said the biggest question during her travels was finding a place to stay.

"I had some really amazing experiences with that," Retallick said.

While traveling through Arkansas, she was offered a place to stay in the visitor's room of a jail in the area.

"They gave me a sleeping bad that they rolled out on the floor for me. They cooked me supper and breakfast," Retallick said.

Photos from her cross-country bike tour will be on display at Borderlands Brewing Company as a part of her Biketography Show until Nov. 9.