Motorists are being advised to take extra precautions for Halloween night. However, it is those on foot who are most vulnerable and need to focus more on safety that evening.

“Halloween is the deadliest night for pedestrians,” said Valerie Vinyard, public affairs specialist at AAA of Arizona. "Especially since a lot of times, if you’re in costume, you’re not concerned with making your costume reflective or wearing lights.”

Drivers need to make sure they are paying attention and are not distracted with cell phones or other concerns, AZ AAA suggested.

“Just keep your focus on the roadways and slow down," Vinyard said. "A pedestrian is actually more than twice as likely to be killed if they’re hit by a car traveling at 30-miles-an-hour compared to 25-miles an hour.”

The agency warns people wearing masks to think about how well they can see while in costume.

Parents should also take the opportunity to emphasize proper roadway safety to their children.