Tucson pinball enthusiasts got their wish granted.

D & D Pinball, a warehouse-like space filled with vintage pinball machines, opened its doors a few months ago, and has quickly grown into what pinball fans probably picture heaven is like.

Owners Gary Dillahunty and Jane Decker - also husband and wife - have always been fans of this old school game. But the couple said they weren't aware that there were so many of their kind in the Old Pueblo.

"There is a subculture of pinball enthusiasts that not many people are aware of (either)," Dillahunty said.

These Tucson natives started out buying a couple of pinball machines for home. Then, a couple turned into six, and six turned into the 30 currently housed at the venue.

Dillahunty said he was first introduced to the pinball world at a miniature golf course near his childhood home.

"It was a great thing to do," he said. "The sound of the pinball machine...the artwork, it was just mesmerizing."

Decker grew up in the Pacman era, and said she wasn't much into some of these video games. But she was always a sucker for pinball.

"We thought there would be some people and some passion (for pinball)," she said. "And it has been more than we ever expected or anticipated."

D & D Pinball also makes sure to give back to the community. Last month, the venue adopted the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona as their September charity, and managed to provide about 1,500 meals with pinball funds.