The way people shop for and listen to music has changed dramatically over the years, and local record shops have had a difficult time adapting. One of Tucson’s last remaining independent record shops has announced that it will be closing later this year and some are wondering if this signifies the final glimpse of an era.

Toxic Ranch Records, which occupies an inconspicuous storefront on Sixth Street, just off of Fourth Avenue, opened its doors in 1988.

"The On-line catalog, if you want to call it that, began in my home…," said Bill Sassenberger, who owns and operates Toxic Ranch Records. "Then we found a location on Grant (Road) (in) April of 1989."

Sassenberger said the store is rooted in the 80s' punk scene, and has a loyal following.

He’s thankful for the support he’s received from the community since the announcement of the pending closure, but said the music scene in Tucson has evolved and he’s not sure that a brick and mortar shop that caters to underground music can be sustained in the Old Pueblo.

"We have to rethink to stay around…," Sassenberger said. "I brought my kids through Tucson and I wanted to show them the place…That’s a cool thing."