The University of Arizona is one of the top universities in the world when it comes to producing employable graduates, according to an international report.

The Global Employability Survey ranks the top 150 universities around the world based on more than 5,000 interviews with top international recruiters.

The UA ranked 13 among American public universities, judged by how employable its graduates are, according to the survey. It ranked 124 internationally.

"Students need more than just good grades and a college degree to get ahead," said UA President Ann Weaver Hart in press release. "...we strive to give every student opportunities to apply what they learn through internships, faculty-led research projects and volunteer programs. It's about graduating students who are experienced, competitive and ready for any challenge. It's gratifying to see that our work in this area is being recognized in this ranking by business recruiters worldwide."

The recruiters surveyed were asked to describe what a perfect university might look like, what qualities graduates need to succeed in the workplace, how universities can better prepare grads for the job market and which universities produce the best graduates.

The UA was in the top 40 for all higher education institutions, private and public, in the U.S.