The University of Arizona hosted an exercise to help teach students about the role they may play in a pandemic flu outbreak.

Students majoring in medicine, public health, pharmacy, nursing and other fields came together to run through a mock influenza pandemic.

They had to determine the best way to manage a limited supply of medicine.

They first created a priority list for which kind of patients would receive doses of limited drugs, and then saw how that list held up when faced with hypothetical patients

“Everybody is a first responder,” said Richard Carmona, UA professor of medicine and former U.S. surgeon general. “So the students get a chance to see what it’s like in real life to allocate resources that are scarce when there’s greater need. You can see the stress they feel, and it prepares them for what they’re going to get into in the real world.”

He also said in his experience, all of the fields represented play an integral part in real life disaster scenarios.

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