The Pima Animal Care Center is hoping to reduce crowding by expanding.

They could receive word on funding to do so this week.

On the Pima County Board of Supervisors’ agenda Tuesday is proposed funding to expand the Pima Animal Care Center.

Center officials say their crowded facility needs immediate attention, and have asked for $400,000 to build temporary shelter space and increase staffing.

“We’re hoping to keep this to 12 to 24 months at the most,” said Kim Janes, manager of Pima Animal Care Center. “We here obviously prefer sooner rather than later. And I know the county is going to expeditiously work through this because they’re very supportive of these pets and getting them in a state of the art facility and that’s what we’re working toward.”

The expansion would allow the center to further its efforts to lower euthanasia rates. The shelter has a 72 percent adoption rate in the last three months.