Watch video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science on Tuesday, Nov. 5:

DEALING WITH DISASTER: The University of Arizona hosted an exercise to help teach students - majoring in medicine, public health, pharmacy, nursing and other health fields - about the role they may play in a pandemic flu outbreak.

PROBLEMS WITH MEDICAID ENROLLMENT: Issues with the online federal marketplace, are causing problems for the state’s Medicaid enrollment site. Arizona expanded its Medicaid program, known as AHCCCS, under the Affordable Care Act. People seeking to enroll in AHCCCS can apply for it using the online tool Health-e-Arizona Plus.

OBAMACARE SITE GLITCH: Luis Elias, a patient navigator with St. Elizabeth's Health Center, helps guide patients through the application process. He said technical problems with the federal site have made it difficult to do his job. One new option for residents is a type of insurance coverage made possible under the Affordable Care Act: the health co-op. And only one co-op, Meritus Health Partners, exists in Arizona.

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