The Arizona Department of Transportation is among 19 agencies around the country that received a grant to study the effects of climate change on infrastructure.

Arizona’s share is $125,000, and data gathering started this week. Occurrences, such as storms, snow, floods and wildfire made Arizona's roadways of particular interest to the Federal Highway Administration.

The main roadways of interest include portions if interstates 17, 10 and 19.

ADOT expects to have results from the study on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration in just over a year.

Laura Douglas, the department’s news operations manager and media relations, said Arizona is an ideal place for such a study because it has a variety of extreme weather.

“We have different seasons for these tremendous weather events,” Douglas said. "And, ( this study) will allow us to take a closer look at how these particular weather events, and some as they increase in intensity, do impact state highway infrastructure.”

Douglas also said ADOT hopes the study will help Arizona understand how to best build roads and other infrastructure.