The National Center for Education Statistics annual math and reading assessment released Friday said Arizona's fourth grade math students scored significantly higher in 2013 than in 2011, a press release from The Nation's Report Card said.

Local analysis showed that Arizona students continue to sustain growth in all subjects as well.

While fourth grade math scores increased, eight grade math and reading scores, as well as fourth grade reading scores remained the same, the press release said.

"Arizona students showed dramatic growth in fourth grade mathematics, and remained consistent in eight grade math," said Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal. "Efforts to implement rigorous standards coupled with a state assessment that measures these same skills need to continue."

Compared nationally, Arizona scores this year continue to remain at or below the average in all four categories.

Fourth grade math students in Arizona scored higher than nine other states, and lower than 21. Also, the state's eighth grade math scores were higher than eight other states and lower than 30, the press release said.

Arizona’s reading scores for 2013 in fourth grade were higher than four states and lower than 41.

Eighth grade scores were similar, with Arizona higher than four states and lower than 37, the press release said.