The body that regulates utility costs in Arizona will hear three proposals Wednesday on what rate electric customers whose solar panels put energy into the grid are paid.

Arizona Public Service is seeking to reduce what it pays residential solar producers to the rate it pays companies that produce electricity, which is known as the fair market rate. Those customers currently receive the same rate they would pay APS for power.

An advocate for residential customers would prefer APS to charge a small fee to those customers to offset electric grid maintenance costs.

The corporation commission's research staff recommends no action at this time.

The current rate APS charges is .096 cents per kilowatt hour. The current fair market rate in Arizona is closer to 0.04 cents per kilowatt hour.

This battle has been fought publicly, with APS spending $3.7 million convincing the public that the current rate makes non-solar customers pay more than their fair share.

The solar industry has spent $370,000 countering APS' claims.