"Pinkalicious, The Musical" features a little girl who loves the color pink. In the story, she eats too many cupcakes - even against her mother's warnings - and turns pink herself.

In this musical adaptation of the popular children's book by the same name, Pinkalicious must find her own way out of the sticky situation, and get back to normal.

Presented by Arizona Onstage Productions, the musical will be performed in Tucson on Nov. 16 and 17 at The Temple of Music and Art.

Autumn Ruhe, who plays Pinkalicious' best friend, Alison, said there's a little something in the play for everyone.

"The play is written very smartly, and there's little jokes here and there for the moms and dads," she said.

Actors and actresses in the production interact with the audience, asking kids questions to keep them engaged.

Artistic Director Kevin Johnson said parents have brought kids as young as two to see the musical.

"...kids are more intelligent than we'll ever know," Johnson said. "The kids will know if it's not reading sincerely."

He said that making sure a production is believable, as well as true to the original work, is the biggest challenge in directing this show.