Six artists, all with different styles, have come together to create a new public mural in Tucson.

Located on the corner of Speedway Boulevard and Stone Avenue, the new mural is meant to unite the community and represent the city.

"With so much student housing happening, so many mom and pop stores being seemingly pushed out, this is kind of like a way of reiterating the positive, what we like about Tucson," said Daniel Martin, one of the mural's artists.

The mural reads "Tucson" in large letters. A different artist is assigned to one letter, giving each a unique design to the rest.

Martin is working on the "O" in the mural, using traditional paint and brush to create his black and white images.

Rock Martinez, who is a local artist and painter for more than a decade, brought the artists together to work on this project.

He said he chose artists who have represent Tucson well.

"Pretty much anything that they do kind of represents Tucson (and) puts a little color in our city," Martinez said.

Martinez's role on the mural is to create the "C." He is using spray paint to create vibrant shades of green.

All the artists involved have very different styles and chose different subject matter for their portion of the piece.

"We use different mediums, we have different color schemes different subject matter yet we all are pretty much on the same page in terms of why we do art and how we do art," Martin said.