Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, Nov. 15 with guests Ann-Eve Pedersen, president of Arizona Education Network, Bruce Ash, member of National Republican Committee, Don Jorgensen, chairman of Pima County Democratic Party, Mark Evans, editor of Inside Tucson Business:

ROSEMONT MINE: The Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter earlier this month expressing concern about how the Rosemont Mine’s operations would affect Southern Arizona waterways. Pedersen said that the EPA’s concerns could be the death knell for the mine, while Ash said that he thought the letter was part of the permitting process and the mining company could still find a way to comply with federal regulations.

THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS: The National Republican Congressional Committee told reporters this week that they believed that they would win back the three competitive congressional seats that are up for grabs in 2014. The panelists agreed the races would likely be close. Pedersen said that Republican Martha McSally, who wants a rematch against Congressman Ron Barber after narrowly losing to him in 2012, would face increased press scrutiny this year, but Ash said that McSally would be formidable challenger for Barber.

FILIBUSTER REFORM: U.S. Senate Democrats changed Senate rules to prevent filibusters of judicial and executive branch nominees this week. Ash said that the new rules were breaking down Senate traditions, but Jorgensen said Republicans had abused the process to prevent the Obama administration from making key appointments and create more gridlock in Washington.

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