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PATAGONIA MINING: The process toward mining on public lands is extensively regulated, and must be reviewed by the U.S. Forest Service. Arizona has a major mining industry. In addition to the Rosemont Copper Project, there are several proposals to mine in the Patagonia Mountains south of Tucson.

GREEN POLICY TO CONSERVE WATER: Watershed Management Group, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and the Department of Transportation collaborated to pass the green streets policy, which requires that all new roadway development and redevelopment are designed to capture storm water.

HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE CAN EARTH SUSTAIN?: We speak to author Alan Weisman about his new book, "Countdown." The book presents what may be the fastest, most acceptable, practical, and affordable way of returning our planet and our presence on it to balance, in the midst of an ever growing population. Weisman is a former professor at University of Arizona and also wrote "A World Without Us," a national bestseller.

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