U.S. Sen. John McCain said Monday he agrees with Israel that the nuclear agreement the U.S. signed with Iran does not go far enough to stop that country from enriching nuclear elements.

The agreement, reached Sunday, requires Iran to limit some of its nuclear activities in exchange for the United States reducing economic sanctions against the country. That's not enough, McCain said.

"It's a very bad deal, I think it does not address a number of aspects of Iranian activity, including the fact that they are weaponizing this fissionable material and they continue to develop ways to deliver in building newer and more longer-range missiles," the Arizona Republican said.

Because he doesn't think the agreement is good, McCain said he will try to pass a bipartisan bill when the Senate returns from recess to reinforce stricter sanctions in six months if the Iran hasn't upheld its end of the agreement.

"Clearly the right to enrich is not part of the agreement," he said. "After all the cheating and lying the Iranians have done a fundamental has got to be not allowing them the right to enrich the materials because of their cheating.