Arizona ranks low this year on an index that measures social mobility factors including education, economy, and community health, according to a bipartisan group.

The Opportunity Index, an online tool, ranks Arizona 46 in the nation and gives Pima County a C-minus. Last year, Arizona ranked 48 on the index.

The index, created by Opportunity Nation and Measure of America, uses data available through the federal government to measure a state’s or county’s jobs and economic outlook, educational performance, community health and civic life of a certain area.

The index shows Pima County’s poverty rate is above the national average at 17.4 percent, while its unemployment rate is below the national average at 6.7 percent.

"Opportunity is really the idea that the zip code you’re born into shouldn’t determine your life chances," said Kristen Lewis, co-director of Measure of America. "And too often right now, where you’re born really has a tremendously powerful effect on where you end up as an adult. And the Opportunity Index is really trying to measure a broader understanding of what are the conditions in communities that can create opportunity for people."

Lewis said the index allows people to get a snapshot of what opportunity looks like in their community.