A box filled with confidential state documents detailing abuse cases that were investigated by Child Protective Services was found in an alley in Phoenix yesterday.

A local resident discovered the abandoned files and gave them to a local TV station, who then contacted CPS.

KSAZ-TV reported the documents contained personal information, including Social Security numbers, addresses, photographs, and detailed information about physical abuse.

The Department of Economic Security, the agency in charge of Child Protective Services, is promising to investigate the incident.

DES is already under scrutiny over revelations last week that more than 6,000 reports of child abuse have not been investigated. Some of those reports date back to 2009.

Rep. Chad Campbell, the state house minority leader, has been calling for the resignation of DES Director Clarence Carter.

“This just reiterates the fact that Carter needs to go. I’ve been saying it for days now," Campbell said. "There’s just been an epic failure of leadership within that organization. Why Gov. Brewer is continuing to protect Director Carter is beyond me, I just can’t figure it out.”

Tasya Peterson, director of communications at DES, said the agency is actively looking for who abandoned those case files in a Phoenix alley.

“We’re extremely concerned about this," she said. "We are looking into it to see if we can determine how this happened and anyone found to be involved in wrong doing will be held in accordance with the law.”

CPS is now in possession of the files and has promised to dispose of them legally.