The Obama administration pledged would be fixed by the end of November.

Luis Elias, a patient navigator for St. Elizabeth’s Health Center, said the site is now working better.

Navigators are individuals tasked with helping people sign up for the federal marketplace.

Elias said since Monday he’s been able to sign up eight people for He said this was a major improvement compared with the three people he signed up online in all of October and November.

“It’s less time now because it’s working much better," Elias said. "The frustration level isn’t like it was when all this started. A lot of consumers’ attitudes and their demeanors are much better because at least now we can get to the portion actually shows them the pricing for the plans.”

When the website was malfunctioning Elias was having patients complete paper applications, which were then mailed in. He said 35 people filled out the paper forms.

Figures released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report from October to November 17,220 people completed applications on the federal marketplace.