Graduate students at the University of Arizona are asking members of Congress to end what they say is student loan inequality.

The UA Graduate and Professional Student Council hosted a call Congress event on Wednesday at the GPSC office.

They will be joining other students around the nation to call federal lawmakers, and increase public awareness about graduate, professional student loan issues.

The event is part of the national GradsHaveDebt2 campaign. The campaign was launched last summer in response to recent legislations that increases the financial burdens on students pursuing degrees post-baccalaureate.

Zachary Brooks, a UA Ph.D. candidate and the graduate student body president, has been calling the office of Sen. John McCain as part of the campaign.

“Now we’re paying more for the same product...a student loan and this is huge because the average debt is about $50,000," Brooks said. "With that debt, these professionals... (can't) help the economy grow with their higher incomes..."

The campaign gained the attention of legislators on Capitol Hill within a week of its launch.

This event is the first in a series of local, regional and national events. The campaign will continue into 2014, in order to make these goals a reality for students.