Those looking for a means to maintain or repair their bike can find exactly what they need at BICAS.

Located in Downtown Tucson, BICAS offers parts, tools and information to those interested.

"There's a lot of great people with a lot of knowledge to help you out with whatever you need," said Jeff Carson, who brings his fixed-speed bike to BICAS for maintenance, and sometimes he volunteers there as well.

"It's comparable to eight dollars an hour for work trade," he said. "You could do normal stuff around like sweep, I've done maintenance on the bikes, tires, change tubes, throw out the trash."

Shop manager, Troy Neiman, said that the purpose of BICAS is to promote bicycle riding, build bikes for people who don't have one and teach people have to maintain them.

"As gas prices keep going up, people are pushed toward riding more. So, that's great. We love getting people on something that's going to fit for them," he said.