Foreclosure rates in Arizona are continuing their steady decline, according to the monthly report issued by Realty Trac, which follows the number of foreclosures in the US.

In Arizona, 2,500 houses were in some state of foreclosure in November, that's slightly above seven percent fewer than the October figures, and nearly 60 percent lower than November 2012.

The numbers look even better for the Tucson area.

In November, only 245 homes in the Tucson areas were in the foreclosure process. That’s a drop of more than 13 percent from the previous month.

Repossession of houses in the city has decreased 70 percent in the past year, that’s largest drop in the state.

The cities of Yuma and Payson, as well as Apache County are the only parts of Arizona that have not seen a decrease in foreclosures over the past 12 months.