The city of Tucson is looking to build bike lanes that would be separated from car traffic, and it's turning to a national group dedicated to this cause for help.

Tucson hopes to be selected as a city to join Project Green Lane, an initiative from PopleForBikes, which aims to provide technical assistance and other types of non-monetary support to cities that would like to have protected bike lanes.

A couple of months ago, the group announced it was searching for six cities to add to the project.

“The six cities we choose are leaders,” said Zach Vanderkooy, director of Project Green Lane. “This isn’t a program for the laggards, it’s the talented and gifted program.”

Participants receive about $300,000 in financial assistance, and are connected with experts who have helped install the lanes elsewhere.

“Protected bike lanes is a new concept for Tucson,” said Ann Chanecka, coordinator of the city's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program. "And I think it would be really helpful to get some national guidance and some expertise from some cities that have already implemented them.”

Prior to applying for the project, the city had already begun working on separated bike lanes.

Inexpensive projects include a portion of Stone Avenue, where the city is rearranging the roadway so parking is between the street and the bike path.

A more costly project includes installing barriers along Broadway Boulevard heading into downtown to separate bicyclists from cars.