Some see the Old Main as a distinctive symbol of the University of Arizona and thus the Old Pueblo. Since it was inaugurated, it's easy to argue that it's been a focal point among an evolving university and city.

When James Miller Creighton created it, between 1887 and 1891, he kept this evolution in mind. Creighton understood the building was going to grow and change over time, so he built a simple structure that would lend itself to adaptation, argued Corky Poster, a Tucson architect and one of the many hands involved in the Old Main restoration.

"Our intent is to take this historic shell, and make it back the way it was when it was first built," Poster said. "...fill that shell with brand new uses, with new offices."

So when people walk in, they are able to see a modern interior within a historic building.

Poster said it is very important to him for this renovation to stay true to the Old Main's essence.