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PCC UPDATE: The new chancellor of Pima Community College, Lee Lambert, has been on the job for about six months. We check in with him to find out what his plans are for the coming year, and get an update on the college's work to get off probation with its accrediting agency.


AFFORDABLE CARE ACT DEADLINE: A group of people, who are currently on Kids Care II and a pre-existing condition stop gap program, will lose health insurance coverage as of Dec. 31. The deadline to enroll for Obamacare is Dec. 23.

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: The recently approved version of the U.S. Violence Against Women Act has a part, the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, which requires the need for educational outreach programs and other resources for victims of sexual violence. At the UA, representatives from the Oasis Program Against Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence say they already offer most of what is included in the revised legislation.

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