Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Arts for Thursday, Dec. 19:

NEW POET LAUREATE OF AZ: A conversation with the newly appointed poet laureate of Arizona, Alberto Rios, about his goals and plans for the new position, and what sorts of things inspire him to write about this region.

DOWNTOWN LINKS: Exploring the development of Downtown Links project and the implications for the arts district, the warehouse district and the community at large. Project's goal is to provide the final link of the Barraza-Aviator corridor, connecting Broadway Boulevard and the Fourth Avenue shopping district to Interstate 10.

TAMALE TRADITION: Anita Street Market has deep roots in the community it serves. This time of the year, residents in the area depend on the small family run business for holiday food essentials, including freshly made tamales.

THE IMPORTANCE OF MILTON: The UA's Humanities Seminar series provides a selection of courses aimed at "life long learners," often college graduates or retirees, who enjoy the classroom environment and the opportunity to listen to university-style lectures. For this interview, Professor Meg Lota Brown discusses her passion for the work of writer John Milton, and shares some perspective on why his work is worthy of study and enjoyment.

MAT BEVEL INSTITUTE: The Mat Bevel Institute was created by Ned Schaper, an Ohio native who later studied printmaking at the UA. Schaper inaugurated the General Belief System Technology Project under the designated Mat Bevel.

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