The independent team assigned to looking into the more than 6,500 un-investigated child abuse and neglect reports has begun to make progress with about 1,000 of those.

The Arizona Legislature's committee that oversees Child Protective Services held a hearing on the progress being made on the approximate 6,550 cases that were never investigated.

The committee heard from the Child Advocate Response Examination Team's Chair Charles Flanagan and Department of Public Safety Director Robert Halliday.

Flanagan said CARE has been assigned 1,440 cases to date, with more than 1,000 seeing some movement in the investigation.

The CARE Team was established by Gov. Jan Brewer to assign un-investigated reports of child abuse and neglect, and find any cracks in how CPS handles and investigates claims.

Halliday also said the team is posting daily updates to their website.

Because DPS’s work is considered an ongoing case, Halliday was largely unable to comment on any revelations their investigation has come across.