The state of Arizona took in $592.8 million in taxes last month, the state’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee reported Friday.

That’s 4.9 percent above what was collected in November 2012, excluding the 1 percent sales tax that expired in May.

So far this fiscal year, state revenues are 4.8 percent higher than they were in fiscal year 2013, and $53 million above predicted levels.

A large portion of the growth in tax dollars collected came from retail sales and construction. Retail sales taxes were up 7.2 percent from last November, and construction sales taxes rose 12.9 percent in the same period.

Two more indicators mentioned in the report show positive signs.

Arizona’s operating fund, which the state uses to pay bills, had a month-ending balance of $1.9 billion.

And the state’s rainy day fund had a balance of $453.1 million.