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WHAT HAPPENED TO TUSD'S CLOSED SCHOOLS?: Last summer, 11 TUSD schools shut down, and many of those are likely to remain boarded up and empty for at least a couple of years. The school district is planning to use two of the now empty campuses as daycare facilities for employees, and the governing board is working on the sale of another empty school.

JAN. 8 MEMORIAL: A chat with Stephen Brigham, chairman of the January 8 Memorial Foundation, about the group's plans for a permanent memorial for the shooting's victims, first responders and the Tucson community. It was announced Monday that the official memorial will be located at the Pima County courthouse in downtown Tucson.

PHILIPPINES RECOVERY UPDATE: Ibrahim Younis is a Tucson doctor with the organization Doctors Without Borders. He recently returned from a trip to the philippines, where he cared for people injured in the devastating typhoon.

TECH COUNCIL: Alex Rodriguez of the Arizona Technology Council talks about the group's legislative agenda and priorities for the 2014 legislative session.

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