Members of the parrot family can be very colorful, intelligent and entertaining but they do not make ideal pets for many people, and some of these birds prove to be too much to handle for their owners.

Tucson resident Carol Klamerus was a volunteer with TARA Foundation - Tucson Avian Rescue and Adoption- but when the group disbanded she formed her own organization to try to help local birds.

She said Tucson Parrot Rescue works to educate present and potential parrot owners and it also tries to find homes for unwanted or abandoned birds including conures, macaws and cockatoos.

Klamerus visited the AZ Illustrated Nature studio, and brought three birds, including a mollucan cockatoo named Marcello.

She said he and other members of the parrot family can live for decades. They also require a lot of attention and care to stay healthy, including showers, fresh fruits and vegetables and spacious cages.

"In fact, the cage this guy is probably going to be going with is 64 inches wide, 30 inches deep and very tall," Klamerus said. And then he needs a lot of wood, cardboard, and paper to chew to constantly occupy himself."

She said people should think long and hard before adopting any animal, and consider issues such present and futures homes and jobs.

Klamerus said she lists adoptable birds on Petfinder and requires an application, a home visit and a class before birds can be taken. There are also fees that range up to $400, depending on the bird.