Watch video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science on Tuesday, Jan. 21:

GREENHOUSE TOMATO ECONOMICS: Best Fresh Greenhouse in Willcox, Ariz. is a 7-acre indoor greenhouse facility that is switching from tomato production to fresh potted herbs sold to major supermarkets.

POVERTY PROJECT: The U.S. government has been collecting data on poverty since the late 1960s and, according to that data, Tucson’s poverty rate is currently one of the highest in the nation. As policymakers and others consider poverty in light of recent discussions about the minimum wage and unemployment benefits, scientists are weighing in. A sit down with University of Arizona sociology professor, Lane Kenworthy, to discuss the science of poverty.

TUCSON BIODIAGNOSTICS GROWTH: A roundtable discussion about the Arizona Bioscience Roadmap. As the state attempts to carve out an economic niche in biosciences, Pima County, in particular, has embraced biomedical diagnostics.

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