Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said Wednesday he is proud of what he did in the first two years in office — settling a lawsuit with Rio Nuevo, improving relations with Mexico, and starting to fix city roads.

In the two years remaining in his term, he said, he will focus on jobs and the economy.

Rothschild released a plan for what he wants to accomplish and grouped the concepts into what he is calling the five Ts: technology, trade, transportation, tourism and teaching.

All five themes relate to attracting companies to expand the number of jobs in Tucson, Rothschild said. For example, he said he wants to increase trade with Mexico.

“Bottom line, it’s getting Mexican companies that are expanding to locate in Tucson,” Rothschild said.

Attracting more events and festivals and entertainment is key to increase tourism, he said.

“We need to refocus on getting amateur sporting events here,” Rothschild said.

Transportation is one of Rothschild's listed accomplishments, and also one of his goals, he said. That's because the voter-approved $100 million bond to pay for five years of road work will not cover all of the city's needs, he said.

Improved roads can also help convince companies to relocate to Tucson, he said.

“When you see improved roads, you really take pride in your community,” Rothschild said.