Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Nature: Monday, Jan. 27:

LIVING STREETS ALLIANCE: Living Streets Alliance is an organization in Tucson that is looking at ways of making the community less automobile-oriented and more suitable for those who prefer to engage in walking, bicycling, socializing and play. Members have been addressing residents in different parts of the city to discuss these issues and how to make them more feasible.

WALKING & BICYCLING: Discussing the benefits and desirability of more "bicycle and pedestrian friendly neighborhood," and the efforts of some people to increase these opportunities for residents in the Tucson metro area.

PARKLET: Tucson's efforts to build its first "parklet" on Sixth Avenue, north of downtown. A parklet is an extension of the cross walk that provides benches and other amenities for people. The idea originated in San Francisco and has been spreading to many others cities around the world.

UA GREENHOUSES: UA Controlled Environment Agriculture Center is one of the few teaching programs in the United States that includes a greenhouse laboratory as a part of the coursework. . It is also the only facility that offers this commercial-sized and operated facility for hands-on education.

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