When people are looking to move into a new home in a different neighborhood, they often consider factors such as the house's square footage, the size of the backyard, and the reputation of local schools.

But many Americans are also thinking about mobility.

They are seeking more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly areas as well as access to public transportation.

The Living Streets Alliance is a nonprofit organization in Tucson that is working on these issues, and members are even involved in neighborhood surveys to identify areas that need attention and could be improved.

In Tucson, the bicycle and pedestrian coordinator is also trying to help by working with nonprofit groups, residents and government officials.

A coalition of different people is also planning the city of Tucson's first parklet- a program that is modeled after a successful project in San Francisco that has created more than three dozen outdoors sitting areas in very small spaces.

Proponents say all of these projects are good for people by encouraging more activity, good for the environment by reducing the amount of cars on the road, and good for the economy since studies have shown that businesses that are accessible to pedestrians tend to benefit from their purchases.