Independents are registering to vote in greater numbers than those for either major political party and are gaining on the Republicans' lead in voter totals, January registration figures showed Monday.

The state totaled 3.24 million registered voters as of Jan. 1, the Secretary of State's Office reported. That is 20,066 more than in the last report in October.

Of those, 34.9 percent are Republicans, 34.6 percent are not affiliated with a political party, and 29.7 percent are Democrats.

The number of Independent voters grew by nearly 15,000, while Republicans were up by 1,400 and Democratic numbers fell by more than 1,200.

The number of voters registering as "no party" or independent has grown by 100,000 in the last year, while those registered as Republicans or Democrats has grown by 10,000 each.

The latest report did not list Green Party members. Its recognition as a political party was dropped because of low registration numbers, and its affiliated voters are now counted in other categories. In the October report, 5,600 voters were registered as Green.

In Pima County, the total number of voters fell by about 1,900 to 483,987. Democrats and Republicans lost 1,500 each, while independent voter numbers grew by 3,000.

The Secretary of State's Office updates the numbers every three months.

Read the voter registration totals here.