Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, Jan. 31 with guests attorney Jeff Rogers, Hank Stephenson, Arizona Capitol Times reporter, and Lea Marquez-Peterson, president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

IMMIGRATION REFORM: This week, President Barack Obama renewed his call for comprehensive immigration reform in his State of the Union and congressional Republicans unveiled their own set of principles on immigration that include a form of the DREAM Act for undocumented youth brought her by their parents, but did not include a path to citizenship for other undocumented people now in the United States. Stephenson said that Democrats might have trouble saying no to a deal from the GOP even if did not include a path to citizenship. Rogers said that Republicans were asking too much on the security side and Democrats would expect a path to citizenship as part of any deal. Marquez Peterson said that she and other business interests would continue pushing for a reform plan.

ELECTION REFERENDUM: Republican lawmakers moved this week to repeal an overhaul of election laws that they passed at the end of last year’s session. Stevenson said Democrats opposed the repeal because they want to wait for voters to decide whether the changes to law should stand in a November referendum, but Republicans would prefer to avoid the public vote. Rogers said that state Rep. Ethan Orr, who voted to advance the repeal, might find trouble in this year’s election as a result. Marquez Peterson said the provisions of the law, particularly making it a crime to collect early ballots, could hurt Latino turnout.

CONGRESSIONAL RACES: Campaign finance reports were due for candidates on Friday, Jan. 31. In Congressional District 2, Ron Barber raised more than $1.1 million, while his likely GOP opponent, Martha McSally, raised more than $650,000. Stephenson said that the rematch between Barber and McSally would be a competitive race. Rogers said that McSally’s primary opponents could force her to take conservative positions that could hurt her in the general election. Marquez Peterson said that Barber has been working to build relationships with the business community, but McSally has also been an active presence on the campaign trail.

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