U.S. Rep. Ron Barber cosponsored and helped pass House bipartisan bill that would allow veterans to pay in-state tuition while attending higher education institutions - including the University of Arizona - a press release from the congressman said.

The House Monday voted 390-0 favoring the G.I. Bill Tuition Fairness Act, and now it moves on for Senate decision.

"Veterans who honorably served our nation in the armed forces should not have to contend with complex regulations when they come home and pursue their educations," Barber said in his statement.

Because of a variety of in-state residency laws, veterans often encounter difficulty in establishing legal residency where they live, the press release explained. This bill would allow veterans to pay in-state fees in any university they choose to attend around the country.

"This bill will ensure that veterans can attend the school that meets their specific needs, knowing that they will have the full benefit of the in-state tuition rates they have earned," Barber added.