Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Metro for Wednesday, Feb. 5:

WORKING POOR: Three people talk about the state of poverty, especially as it relates to the working poor. The panel includes Andrea Robson, a board member of JobPath, Cesar Aguirre, a person living in poverty who earns $10 a week at Casa Maria, and Alan Jolivett, who had nothing when he moved to Tucson after Hurricane Katrina, and is now a nurse working toward a degree in physical therapy.

THE SOUP PATROL: For those living without homes, food and nourishment are a constant need. Over the past seven years, a local group called Mathew 25 Ministries, or the Soup Patrol, has taken to the streets to help feed the homeless.

TUCSON GEM SHOW ECONOMIC IMPACT: Every time the prospect of losing the gem show comes up, we hear that it would be a great economic loss. Brent DeRaad, president and CEO of Visit Tucson, discusses what the event means to Tucson's economy.

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