The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to lodge a formal objection to the Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Rosemont Copper mine.

Board members voted 4-1 to lodge their opposition, with Supervisor Ally Miller dissenting, Supervisor Ray Carroll said he has opposed construction of a mine at the proposed Rosemont site for nearly two decades.

"There are so many unanswered questions in the Rosemont proposal that I's just inevitable that this project should be vetoed," he said."

Carroll said he has serious doubts that the mine's impact on water, air and transportation were sufficiently addressed in the study.

Pete Sabin, a union representative, and Mark Sutton, president of Meridian Engineering, spoke during the board meeting in favor of the mine, and said it would bring much needed jobs to Southern Arizona.

The board has until Feb. 14 to submit its objections to the study on the proposed Rosemont mine. The U.S. Forest Service, which conducted the study, has been accepting objections since Jan. 1.

The federal government has final say on the project, and is expected to make a decision this year.