A new online database designed to simplify access to scholarly work and research taking place in Arizona’s university system was revealed Thursday at the Arizona Board of Regents meeting.

The SciVal Experts research engine was developed by the board and the Arizona Commerce Authority to “vastly improve collaboration among our three universities and private industry while attracting research dollars and helping boost the state’s economy,” according to a press release from ABOR.

The website allows visitors – students, researchers, businesses and the public – to use keywords to search the database for concepts or topics related to the keyword with links to experts on the topic and work published by the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.

The public can also copy a news article or text from a research paper and paste into a box on the website that will analyze the text, extract key terms, run the information through the system and identify experts, synonyms and related topics, said George Raudenbush, director of research analytics at ASU.

Raudenbush demonstrated the online tool Thursday at the regents’ meeting on the ASU campus.

The website is unlike anything Arizona had available before, and only a few dozen institutions worldwide are using this type of technology, Raudenbush said.