Anyone who has been around downtown Tucson or the university area over the last couple weeks has probably seen the new streetcars being tested.

And, according to Shelley Ginn, the project’s manager, everything is coming along nicely.

“It’s going pretty well. We’ve already logged 1000 miles on the first car just from running it up, and down and going through all the various testing that’s required, not just for the cars but the system where you’re move testing the vehicles and not the whole entire thing," she said.

The city still has to work with the Federal Transit Administration to set a start date, due to a grant agreement that had identified October 2013 as the original start date.

But the city held off because of the delay with the vehicles, desire to have all testing done before a start date is announced.

Ginn said four streetcars are already in town, with a fifth scheduled to arrive next month and all eight should be here by May.

As for now, the project will begin to focus on more public awareness and education of the streetcars.

“This is a new type of technology that will be operating in our roads,” Ginn said. “We are finding that cyclists have to learn how to function around them as well as car drivers. We are updating our materials to try to identify the things that we are seeing out there during testing and making sure we are addressing them.”

Ginn said the city hopes to announce a launch date in the next couple of months.